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Music For New Itami Airport

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Music For New Itami Airport


In 2018, Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport) underwent a major renovation for the first time in 50 years.

During this renewal, I was responsible for composing the music for the central area of the airport, which features a large-scale visual installation.


The newly renovated Itami Airport is as beautiful and enjoyable as a high-end department store.

The visuals, created by Mr. Hashimoto of LIL Inc. and Mr. Yuge of P.I.C.S., are themed around the four seasons and water of Osaka.

The constantly flowing visuals are endlessly captivating.


Originally, I composed the music specifically for the visuals.

However, given the grand scale of the installation, I anticipated that the music would serve as the background music for the entire surrounding area.

Upon visiting Itami Airport, I found that this was indeed the case; the music can be heard even from a considerable distance away from the installation.


Airports, by nature, require passengers to wait for extended periods.

I have always found that listening to the same piece of music repeatedly in such settings can become quite bothersome.

Therefore, I aimed to create music that retains its beauty while being subtle and less noticeable in its repetitions.

This ensures that the music does not become irritating over long periods.


The goal was to create music that people might not consciously notice but that subtly enhances the atmosphere and mood of the space.

Similar to an air purifier, the music should blend into the environment, making it more pleasant without drawing attention to itself.


If you have the chance to visit Itami Airport, I hope you enjoy the music.


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