Why are we moved?
Why do create something and
why are we alive?

Facing to the endless questions
that come from the reality of our finite life,
we draw the answers and shape them,
because there is no word to describe them.


ART & BRANDINGArt Direction, Design, Cutout, Sumie,
Illustration, Character Licenses, Movie,
Product, Original Brand, Original Works

Art is not something special.
Art is in all aspects of our lives.
We believe so.

MUSICComposition / Music Production,
Produce / Music Director,Soundtracks,
For Space, Artist Management,
Gagaku & Japanese Music,
Performances & Concerts, Recording,
Original Works

In a long and wide path from the ancient time to today,we, humans, have come weaving our lives.
In this big stream, looking at ourselves, a small and tiny one,
We weave sound and music here and now.


I hope you look at how we approach to creating music and sound, how we think and work out.


We work in our creative activity in the forests of Nasu.