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Nagoya Castle Night Party

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Taro Ishida directed, composed, and produced music for the "Honmaru Goten✕ Projection Mapping Nagoya Castle Night Party," a light and food event held at Nagoya Castle from December 14, 2019 to January 13, 2020.

We worked with LIL Co.

We composed not only the music for the large projection mapping on the Honmaru Goten, but also the music for the long and beautiful path from the entrance of Nagoya Castle to the Honmaru Goten!




The darkness (black) of the winter night and the white of Nagoya Castle.
The contrast between black and white was truly beautiful, and a world of ethereal beauty emerged.

I received many comments such as, "The sound of the strings was beautiful and mysterious.

That was the sound of a musical instrument called tonkori, which is often played by the Ainu people of Hokkaido.

The entire Nagoya Castle was filled with the music of the tonkori, which was mainly a solo performance.

In contrast, many restaurants and eateries were set up in the Honmaru Palace.

The images were gorgeous and colorful.








The images were wonderful, filled with a mysterious charm that at first glance seemed frenzied and intellectual at the same time, as if Tadanori Yokoo's paintings had been directly transformed into images.

The music was created entirely by myself, performing and composing the music.

Piano, drums, bass, and other instruments,.
MoogOne, Arp Oyddey, and other analog synthesizers, and field recordings of the sounds of the city and nature.

We also created all the sound effects (SE) by ourself to create a sense of unity throughout the music and images.

We believe that we succeeded in creating a sense of unity in the music and images as a whole.


We were also able to have DRIFTER lanterns made by the 1 to 10 people!

LIL visual arts studio / 1→10,Inc.
Music Director
Taro Ishida
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