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We have recorded not only classical music and band instruments, but also shakuhachi, shamisen, gagaku instruments, taiko, shomyo, horagai, kokyu, and many others.

In many cases, we compose and produce the music and have the musicians perform, while in other cases, we are only in charge of the musicians, recording setup, and arrangements.

We can record all kinds of instruments, including classical instruments, Japanese instruments, bands, and hammering.

Even if you are overseas or far away, we can record remotely using zoom, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

You can provide us with the score, or we can take care of the arrangements.

We understand that you may be wondering how to record your music or performance, especially if you are unfamiliar with the instrument, and we understand that it may be difficult to find a good place to record.

We can be creative about the recording location (studio, outdoors, temple, etc.), who to hire as the engineer, and so on.

We would be happy to help connect you with professional musicians and engineers!