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SQUARE ENIX Night Walk “CRYSTAL STORY – Forgotten Forest and Goddess”

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TOPMUSICFor SpaceSQUARE ENIX Night Walk “CRYSTAL STORY – Forgotten Forest and Goddess”

In 2020, our company was in charge of music direction and composition for "CRYSTAL STORY - Forgotten Forest and Goddess", the first in the Night Walk series from SQUARE ENIX, known for Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

The location was Shinjuku Central Park.
The series combines the fantastic lights and sounds of a "night walk" with the experience of a story and the solving of a riddle, which is the key to the progress of the story.

Visitors depart for the forest at night with magic items in their hands, and experience a digital art space with illuminations, sounds, and images, a mysterious riddle-solving experience, and the world of a fantastical story.

LIL visual arts studio / SQUARE ENIX
Compose / Music Director
Taro Ishida
Yoshihisa Omata
#For Space#Composition / Music#TaroIshida