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How do I make a request?

TOPBLOGHow do I make a request?

Please contact us once by e-mail at mail@drftr.co.jp


We will then be happy to talk with you in person or remotely.

We understand that it takes a lot of effort to write down your requests, thoughts, and problems in an email,

You do not have to be specific in your email.


Please make the subject line "Consulting Consultation" or something similar,


In the body of the message

・Your company name and the name of the person in charge

・Your address

・E-mail address

・Telephone number

・Preferred date and time for the meeting (more than one would be helpful)

・Preference for in-person or remote meetings

・Description of consultation (if you can provide a brief description, that's fine)


Please send us the following information.


We will discuss this with you during the initial counseling session.