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Deloitte Tohmatsu “Be Proud of Your Future. DTC Value 2030 Concept Movie

Deloitte Tohmatsu "B...

#Composition / Music Production
We depict the vision of Deloitte Tohmatsu in sound.

Deloitte Tohmatsu's "Proud to be part of the future. DTC Value 2030 concept movie.
In this project, the company's vision for the future is expressed through a piano solo. The music we created is integrated with the video, weaving together the tones of hope and expectation for the future.

Please take a look.
“The sun goes down” for Uniqlo Heattech Project

"The sun goes down" ...

#Composition / Music Production
Taro Ishida was in charge of music for a special website created for UNIQLO's 2012 project [New HEATTECH 100,000 Supporters Project].

The piano was used to express a cold sound, but also a warm feeling of support for those who work hard in the cold.

Toyohara Station

Toyohara Station

#Original Works #Produce / Music Director #Composition / Music Production #Illustration
Toyohara Station, the northernmost station in the Kanto region, was renovated in March 2019 to celebrate its 130th anniversary.
Taro Ishida composed the music for this station at the request of the Nasu Town Office.

Toyohara Station is an unmanned station with nothing nearby, but it is a very important means of transportation for local residents.

Especially for children, it is an indispensable station to go to school.

Yukiko Iso, a local dairy farmer, has been working for the children who use Toyohara Station for many years. She has been working as a traffic instructor for many years, both in hot and cold weather.

Mrs. Iso has written lyrics for the first time in her life.

cado “for cado brand movie.”

cado "for cado brand...

#Composition / Music Production
Taro Ishida composed the music for the brand movie of Cado, known for its air purifiers with the world's No. 1 purification capacity.

I expressed two images in one song: one is a sophisticated urban design, the other is a deep breath of air in the great outdoors, which seems to be in conflict with each other.

Please have a look if you like.