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Toyohara Station

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Toyohara Station, the northernmost station in the Kanto region, was renovated in March 2019 to celebrate its 130th anniversary.
Taro Ishida composed the music for this station at the request of the Nasu Town Office.

Toyohara Station is an unmanned station with nothing nearby, but it is a very important means of transportation for local residents.

Especially for children, it is an indispensable station to go to school.

Yukiko Iso, a local dairy farmer, has been working for the children who use Toyohara Station for many years. She has been working as a traffic instructor for many years, both in hot and cold weather.

Mrs. Iso has written lyrics for the first time in her life.


The song is sung by Mitsuko Koike, who is also a member of Beautiful Hummingbirds.

Mr. Yuji Okano is active in a wide range of music from contemporary to Brazilian music.

The music is very simple, consisting only of piano and singing.
but it is a good song that I am not ashamed to play anywhere.

Please listen to it on Spotify or iTunes.



JR豊原駅 JR豊原駅 JR豊原駅

Nasu Town Office
Music Director
Taro Ishida
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