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NHK Educational TV Petit Petit Animation “Teach” Soundtrack

NHK Educational TV P...

#Soundtracks #Composition / Music Production
Our company is in charge of the music and sound effects for the petit-picture animation "Teach".

Teach, a cute monkey pirate, travels around the world in this series.

Director Mitsutaka Yokota's sense of humor is condensed in this wonderful animation.

Picture books are usually for children, but sometimes there are books that are highly artistic even when viewed by adults.

The petit-picture animation "Teach" is one such work.

Original soundtrack for the planetarium program “10,000 Light Years Binoculars”

Original soundtrack ...

#Soundtracks #Composition / Music Production
The manga "10,000 Light Years Binoculars," which is very popular on SNS, has become a planetarium program.

We are in charge of the soundtrack.

This time, we are in charge of not only the usual BGM, but also the opening theme song, insert song, and ending song.
Agency for Cultural Affairs Craft technique documentary2020『Yoshihito Yamashita』

Agency for Cultural ...

#Soundtracks #Composition / Music Production
The Agency for Cultural Affairs has been planning and producing documentary films on craft techniques designated as Important Intangible Cultural Properties since 1971.

Our company was in charge of the music for "The Work of Yoshihito Yamashita, Kon Shoyu" in 2020.

The film is produced by Nikkei Pictures and narrated by Kanji Ishimaru. Sound effects and MA were done by Masaru Kawamura of Studio ARM.
The Man from the 9 Dimensions OST

The Man from the 9 D...

#Soundtracks #Produce / Music Director
Taro Ishida is in charge of music for "The Man from the 9th Dimension," a work that is still being shown at the Dome Theater Gaia (planetarium) at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

This work has received many awards including the IPS Fulldome Festival's Best Educational Work Award.