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NHK Educational TV Petit Petit Animation “Teach” Soundtrack

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Our company is in charge of the music and sound effects for the petit-picture animation "Teach".

Teach, a cute monkey pirate, travels around the world in this series.

Director Mitsutaka Yokota's sense of humor is condensed in this wonderful animation.

Picture books are usually for children, but sometimes there are books that are highly artistic even when viewed by adults.

The petit-picture animation "Teach" is one such work.


Teach travels the world.

To express this concept, the theme (melody) of "Teach" is simple, with a small number of notes.

By keeping the melody simple, any accompaniment can be added.

So, it can be played with accompaniments of various genres and moods - Mexican, Indian, English music, etc....

Sound effects.

In this work, I also make sound effects.

I created sound effects by rubbing paper, tapping wood, processing voices, etc.

I did various things to create the sound effects.

The music and sound effects in Czech animation are very unique and wonderful.

In the petit-pocket animation "Teach," I was conscious of giving priority to the "texture and subtlety rather than sophistication" of the sounds of Czech animation.

Adding sound to images is a very enjoyable job, as long as the deadline is not too tight.

Yes, at the end of the petit petit animation "Teach

Animation: Mitsutaka Yokota
Music: Taro Ishida

and my name appears in hiragana.

When I saw my name in this way in a program that I have known for a long time I am very happy when I see my name in this way
I am very happy to see my name in this way.

Please check it out from time to time.


NEP / Mitsutaka Yokota
Music Director
Taro Ishida
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