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Domburako “Kemono Tachikuru” (The Beast Comes Around)

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TOPMUSICOriginal WorksDomburako “Kemono Tachikuru” (The Beast Comes Around)

We are producing a performance movie by Taro Ishida and Oorutaichi's gagaku project "Domburako" + Yuuki Mashiko at our company.

We filmed and edited the dedication performance at Kinomata Valley (Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture) in early spring of 2021.


Taro Ishida plays a gong and Oorutaichi plays an ancient zither, and Yuuki Mashiko draws an ink painting in front of them, all shot with a single camera.

The camera was shot at a fixed point, without moving, so that the nature of the Kinomata Valley and the people there would appear as natural as the words suggest.

The dots that sometimes flicker on the screen are early spring snow.


Kinomata Valley is a popular spot in Nasu.
Even in mid-summer, the river water is very cool and pleasant, and the scenery is extremely beautiful.

We can also handle the planning, filming, editing, music and design, and online posting of the video.
We can also handle everything from planning, filming, editing, music and design, to posting on the Internet.

Music Director
Domburako (Oorutaichi+Taro Ishida)
Yuuki Mashiko + Muromi
Title Letter
Yuuki Mashiko
Akihiro Mashiko,Yukari Mashiko,Yo Ishida