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Gagaku Performance | Domburako | Nasu Mifuji Kindergarten

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TOPMUSICPerformances & ConcertsGagaku Performance | Domburako | Nasu Mifuji Kindergarten

Domburaco held a Gagaku concert at Nasu Mifuji Kindergarten in Nasu-machi, Tochigi Prefecture on December 20, 2022.

Part I (daytime)
Gagaku concert and dance workshop for kindergarten children

PartⅡ (evening)
Gagaku concert for adults

Both parts were very enjoyable.


Gagaku Performance | Domburako@Nasu Mifuji Kindergarten

Part I: Concert for Children

那須みふじ幼稚園 高橋明男

The first part of the concert was for children from Mifuji Kindergarten.

We played representative pieces of classical Gagaku such as Etenraku.


Then, we played a variety of instruments such as Hichiriki, Gakubiwa, Sho, Ryuteki, Taiko,

Gongs, Synthesizers, etc.


The children enjoyed the sounds of the various instruments one by one.


In the latter half of the concert, Kaoru Nakamura gave a lecture on Gagaku dancing.

It is not often that children have the opportunity to experience real Gagaku,

but it is important for them to have this kind of experience when they are young.

I believe that even one experience like this at a young age will have a positive impact on their lives.


Part II: Concert for Adults

雅楽公演 | どんぶらこ@那須みふじ幼稚園 雅楽公演 | どんぶらこ@那須みふじ幼稚園


The pieces performed in the second part are

Amaranjo (classical gagaku)
Etenraku (classical Gagaku)
Goshogaku (classical gagaku)
Oorutaichi Solo
BoneSong (original)
Umbilical Cord (original)
Kayanarumi (original)
Kii (original)


Gagaku is basically performed by a large group of people at once.
This time, however, we tried a little ingenuity in the Amaranjo and Etenraku.

For example, in Etenraku, we played the sounds of Sho, Gakubiwa, Ryuteki, and Hichiriki, gradually building up the sounds so that the audience could experience the structure of Gagaku.

In addition, the performance was designed to express a new world of music different from the so-called classical Gagaku by layering Oorutaichi's singing and analog synthesizers on the Gagaku.

In this concert, the emphasis is not only on the performance, but also on explaining the music in words.

It is very good to just experience Gagaku, but it is also very important to convey various things through words, and I wanted the audience to take away something from the performance.

Before the performance, Mr. Takahashi, the principal of Mifuji Kindergarten, gave a lecture, and after the performance, we took time to answer questions from the audience.


After the performance, people who were interested in Gagaku asked questions directly to the performers.


Yuuki Mashiko / Yukari Mashiko / Miyuki Muroi / Nodoka Hashimoto / Yo Ishida
Hitomi Nakamura
Kahoru Nakamura
Hanako Nakamura
Yoshiyuki Izaki
Taro Ishida
Akio Takahashi
Bunsho Nishikawa