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Gagaku | Domburako “Naked1 “

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We are pleased to announce the release of our gagaku project "DONBURAKO" in the form of a tape.

We are pleased to announce the release of our gagaku project "DONBURAKO" in the form of a tape.

We created this album in order to provide a soundtrack that can be easily enjoyed by those who are not familiar with Gagaku.

I hope you will enjoy this collection of intimate performances of gagaku by a small group of people.

It will be available online soon, and we will post more information when that happens.


Gagaku | Domburako "Naked1 "

The appeal of classical Gagaku performed by a small group




"Naked 1" contains many classical gagaku pieces.

And, classical Gagaku, which is usually performed by a large group of musicians, is performed by a limited number of musicians.

It is said that classical Gagaku is a kind of music in which various instruments play a single melody.

Because it is such music, it is not said that it cannot be performed unless all the players are present.It can be performed by one, two, or any number of players.

It can be performed by one, two, or any number of players.

It is rare to hear Gagaku performed by a small group, but I personally love this minimal-sized Gagaku.

A mysterious world of sound, both simple and rich, spreads out from each individual instrument.When I think that the individual small universes (instruments) are gathered together to create the shimmering acoustic universe of Gagaku, I am amazed at how the world of Gagaku is truly mysterious and profound.



Recordings at sea, on the banks of rivers, in temples, tunnels... in various locations.





None of the sound sources in "Naked 1" were recorded in a regular studio.

These performances were recorded at various locations, including the sea on Shodoshima (on a boat), a tunnel in Shiga Prefecture, a canyon in Nasu Shiobara, Tochigi Prefecture, and a temple in Kanagawa Prefecture.


In the one on the boat, you can hear the sound of the boat rocking, and in the tunnel, you can hear the acoustics that cannot be created by digital effects.

We hope you will enjoy the different atmospheres of each location.


This tape is sold only in our online store.

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"Naked 1" 2,600 yen (tax included) Drifter Store


どんぶらこ 裸1 テープ どんぶらこ 裸1 テープ


side A
1.Ama Ranjo / 2022.3.20 at Kinomata cave, Tochigi  

_Japanese Ancient Harp+Gong+Ryuteki


2.Etenraku/ 2022.3.21 at Koganji temple



3.Shun-noden no Yusei/ 2021.3.20 at Koganji temple



4.Banshiki-cho no Choshi/ 2022.7.11 at Shodoshima island 



side B
5.Improvisation ( Gakubiwa ) / 2022.7.11 at Shodoshima island



6.Sojo no Choshi / 2021.3.20 at Koganji temple



7.Sojo tone: Shundeiraku / 2021.3.20 at Koganji temple 



8.Improvisation (Japanese Ancient Harp+Voice) / 2021.4.19 at Takashima city, Shiga 

_Japanese Ancient Harp+Voice

Hitomi Nakamura
Kahoru Nakamura
Hanako Nakamura
Yoshiyuki Izaki
Vo, Koto
Taro Ishida
Yuuki Mashiko
Recording / Mix
Takeshi Azuma / Bunsho Nishikawa