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Limited Life and Endless Questions

Why are we moved?
Why do we create something and
why are we alive?

Facing to the endless questions
that come from the reality of our finite life,
we draw the answers and shape them,
because there is no word to describe them.


Your encounter with art will change society.

We are constantly exposed to the waves of change.

We have so many matters happening day by day
and, troubles/problems popping up one after another,
that we can hardly go with the wave of the change.

We are apt to be haste in the miscellaneous affairs,
and spend days pursuing only the near future.

But, probably to be honest,
we want to step out of it,
take a deep breath
and just live.

We hope to generate something, even a little,
along with the stream of our own lives.

We surely believe that
encountering something beautiful and interesting
can change my life and yours also.

And what is more,
you will be the one who influences the society around you,
definitely someday.

With such a thought, we live and work.


We are creating things:
- to make our heart happy and satisfied,
- to be connected to people around us and our history,
- to be widely open to anything but music and art,
and yet, we don't leave WHYs as they are.