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About branding

I am considering branding for the first time and don’t know what to do.

Please feel free to contact us first. We will be happy to speak with you in person or remotely.

From there, we will work with you to determine if branding should actually be done and if we are the best person to take charge.

Most people are nervous when they first meet, but they soon find themselves talking about many things as usual or even more.

Cancellation after the initial meeting is of course possible. Please feel free to contact us.

I have a rough idea, but I am not confident that I can communicate it well.

No problem at all. We are interview professionals.Please let us know your vague image. We will work with you to find a clear image using various methods, such as images of your favorite comics, music, or stores.

Do small businesses need branding?

Yes, I think branding is important for companies of any size in this day and age.

This is very effective, especially for small and midsize companies, in differentiating themselves from their competitors.

What are the advantages of requesting branding?

It must be able to emphasize the uniqueness of the client and convey a clear message to the target clientele.

However, we thinking that there is more to it than that.

We believe it is "the client's ability to correctly perceive and correctly evaluate themselves.

We do good work, we make good products. We must first understand this and confidently convey our message to people outside the company. We believe this is branding.

How much does branding cost?

Plans vary depending on the size and requirements of your project, but we will work with you to find the best fit for your budget and goals.Please see our fee schedule for average rates.

Is the first consulting session free of charge?

Yes, an initial meeting to understand the project and your requirements is free of charge.

The second and subsequent meetings will depend on the content and circumstances of the first meeting,

Basically, there is a fee for this service.

How can branding be promoted?

The initial hearing and basic design should be done carefully anyway.

This is the most important point.

The brand is then built through the phases of specific strategy development, design production, implementation, and evaluation.

What is DRIFTER’s brand identity?

The unique yet high quality, down-to-earth creativity that we have cultivated since our days at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

And originality born from a wide range of personal connections.

What are the key points you emphasize in your branding?

It is about understanding deeply the uniqueness and identity of the client and giving it proper shape.

There is no point in trying to be prettier or more fashionable than the client.

It may be nice for a while, but it will soon go out of style.

We have the technology, the connections, and the aesthetic sensibilities.

However, that does not mean that branding itself is meaningless.

We need to know deeply what our clients want, what they are thinking, and what their problems are, and how to sublimate them and put them out into society.

This is the most important point.

Therefore, we believe that it is not surprising that the result is better to do nothing.

We cannot lie to you, so trust us on that point.

About composition and music production

What genres of music can you produce?

Basically any musical genre can be produced. We have made all kinds of music from techno to jazz to enka.We also have a wide network of musicians from all genres of music. In this sense, we can handle any genre of music.

Can you give us examples of past projects you have worked on?

We have done a variety of work, from individual level commissions to Hollywood scale jobs.


Please see here.




What do you emphasize in your music production?

To "understand" what the client is looking for.

I think music genres, etc. are after that.

What information do you need for an estimate?

With the following information, a fairly accurate estimate can be made.


①Description of the project and the purpose for which the music will be used.
②he genre and style of music. Please provide any specific genres or reference music.

③Length of the piece
④Whether the music was composed or performed live: Estimates vary widely depending on whether the music was composed or performed live.

⑤Number and type of performers: If live music is to be provided, please indicate the number of instruments and performers required. If you would like a specific instrumentalist or a specific singer, please also let us know.

⑥Delivery date
⑦Budget: If you have specific budget limitations, please let us know the range of your budget. We will suggest options we can provide.


Even if you do not have the above information, we can provide a rough estimate once we meet with you.

Are there any initiatives to guarantee the quality of the music?

It takes time and manpower to make good music.

We do not sell cheap music.

For this reason, we limit the number of songs we accept in a month.

We also request only top-notch engineers to perform and record our music.

We only hire top-notch engineers who are not ashamed to be known anywhere.

What other services do you offer besides music production?

In addition to composing and music production, I am also a music director and music producer.

Music supervision and music production

Sound effect production

Concert management and planning

sound effects production, and concert management planning.


Please take a look at the past results on this page.


How do you communicate?

Meetings can be held in person, remotely, or in a variety of other ways.

We also support various tools such as email, Slack, and Line,

We can respond according to the client's needs.


There is also a recording process in the studio at the end of the music production process,

If the client wishes, he or she may attend the recording session with us and enjoy the atmosphere of the studio,

If the client so desires, we may invite the client to participate in the recording session and enjoy the atmosphere of the studio.

What is the format of the music file to be delivered?

We can deliver WAV data, MP# data, or any other format.

We have delivered music in a variety of formats, including sheet music and MDs.

We are willing to accept any kind of offer, including delivery on open-reel tape.

Can I make corrections or changes? If so, will there be an additional charge?

Modifications and changes are of course possible, provided they are not unreasonable requests.

In addition, we will basically set our budget and schedule so that we can afford to accept such modifications and change requests.

Therefore, there are no additional fees.

What backgrounds do you have on your production team?

Sometimes our members alone take on productions, etc., while at other times we work with teams from our extensive and high-quality network,

We also have a wide range of high-quality networks that we can draw from.


Our members can be found here.


What are the terms of payment for production fees?

Basically, half of the fee is paid before work begins, and the other half is paid after delivery is completed.

In the case of long-term projects, we may ask for a monthly fee, and so on.

We request payment by bank transfer.

To what extent can I use the music I produce?

The scope of music use varies from case to case.

Basically, it is rare to do a [purchase] that even transfers the copyright to the music.

This is because in such cases, the price is quite high.

Nevertheless, please rest assured.

When we outsource copyright management to JASRAC, we will submit an application to be exempted from collecting copyright fees for you or your company.

You are free to use the music during the term of the contract.

If you have any concerns about the scope of music use, please feel free to discuss this in advance.

Is it possible to request an additional music video production?

Yes, we also do video production.

We can provide music and video production as well.

Do you accept just consultations regarding music production?

We are very sorry, but we do not accept them.

We have received requests to teach composition and production, as well as to teach at universities and other professional organizations,

However, we have been so busy with our own productions and work that we have not had time to teach others.

We apologize for this.

About consulting

How do I make a request?

Please contact us once by e-mail at mail@drftr.co.jp


We will then be happy to talk with you in person or remotely.

We understand that it takes a lot of effort to write down your requests, thoughts, and problems in an email,

You do not have to be specific in your email.


Please make the subject line "Consulting Consultation" or something similar,


In the body of the message

・Your company name and the name of the person in charge

・Your address

・E-mail address

・Telephone number

・Preferred date and time for the meeting (more than one would be helpful)

・Preference for in-person or remote meetings

・Description of consultation (if you can provide a brief description, that's fine)


Please send us the following information.


We will discuss this with you during the initial counseling session.

What areas do you serve?

We provide services in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, and Tokyo, but we are not limited to those areas,

We provide services not only in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, but also in a wide range of areas throughout Japan.

How long is the contract?

The base pattern is once a month, with completion in 6 months,

The pattern is to do one to several shots.


However, depending on the client's goals and requests, we can flexibly set contract terms from short to long term.

How are outcomes measured?

We set clear KPIs for each client and quantitatively evaluate project effectiveness.

In addition, we believe that setting this KPI itself is a very important point for the client,

Therefore, we will work with you from the KPI setting itself.

What types of businesses do you support?

In the past, we have often accepted work in the food and beverage and art-related industries,

However, our consulting services are not limited to any industry.

We can work with any type of business.

How are costs determined?

Please see our fee schedule for basic consulting rates.

However, we may propose individual quotes based on the content, project, and scale you are seeking.

In addition, if you require additional creative services such as web production or video production, optional fees will be charged,

We will consult with you separately on a case-by-case basis.

Can small and medium-sized companies consult with you?

Yes, plans can be adjusted depending on the client.

We support all types of companies regardless of size, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Is the initial consultation free of charge? And how long does it take?

Yes, initial consultations are free of charge.

The consultation usually lasts from one to two hours, but can be flexible depending on the client's needs.

What are the advantages of requesting consulting services?

Expert knowledge solves business problems and accelerates business growth.


That would be the general answer, but in reality, it is unlikely that management issues can be solved by the expertise of experts alone.


In the end, what is needed is for management and the company's employees/staff to think and do things on their own; there is no other answer.


Simply throwing the problem at them will not help them find a solution.

On the contrary, it may even increase the workload with us.


However, it is natural to say, "Oh, we have thought this much and done this much, so it is only natural that we will get results,

You will realize, "Since we have thought this much and done this much, it is only natural that we will get results.


Our past clients have told us that their work has become more enjoyable and that the way their employees work has changed.


What kind of company is Drifter Inc.

Drifter Inc. offers a wide range of creative services including corporate branding, design and art direction, video production, web production, music production and music supervision, product development, creative consulting, and the use of AR/VR related technologies.

We are also available for event planning and other creative projects.

To give shape to your thoughts and visions, our team of professionals with academic knowledge and extensive experience will support you with original proposals and technology.

Whatever your field, from entertainment to traditional arts, we will find the best solution to help you achieve your goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please click here to learn more about our philosophy and principles.