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Music Direction & Supervision

Business content
We handle all the musical aspects of various facilities and events such as projection mapping, museums, and planetariums.
What is included in the basic price
Composition, sound effect production, audio recording, recording, mastering, arrangement of performers and engineers
Competitive analysis, comparison with other companies, long-term brand strategy planning, etc.

Composition & Music Production

  • From music for videos, concerts, and commercials to providing songs to singers.¥600,000~
  • Please contact us separately for special compositions such as gagaku instruments.¥1,000,000~
What is included in the basic price
Composition, arrangement, demo sound source production, sheet music creation, arrangement of performers and engineers, recording studio expenses
recording, mastering, etc.

Event Planning

  • Small events (50 people or less)¥300,000~
  • Medium events (50-200 people)¥800,000~
  • Large events (200 people or more)¥1,500,000~
Business content
Planning events where music is the main focus, such as concerts.
What is included in the basic price
Production, planning/concept planning, sound design, production design, arrangement of performers/engineers, etc.



  • Video production (basic plan)¥800,000~
  • Video production (expansion plan)
    Everything in the basic plan plus special effects, animation, advanced post-production work, and more. ¥1,200,000~
  • Video production (premium plan)
    All of our expansion plans, plus collaborations with renowned directors and theater productions, advanced customization options, support for international distribution and promotion strategies, and more. ¥1,800,000~
Business content
Video production of all genres including commercials, music videos, documentaries, and short films. Production of video content based on customer's vision
What is included in the basic price
Planning, scenario creation, location selection, filming, editing, etc.


Branding/Creative Consulting

  • Very short-term type¥150,000
  • Short-term type (completed in 3 months)¥450,000~
  • Long-term escort type¥250,000~ (monthly)
Business content
We provide consulting for your company, mainly from a creative perspective.
Based on careful interviews, we identify problems and goals, and find the best way to solve and achieve them.
What is included in the basic price
<Very short-term type>
We had two detailed interviews about problems and goals.
Objectively analyze and summarize the essence of the problem and create materials
Suggestions for solutions.
Developing a plan that can be implemented within your company.
Objectively grasp the current situation and propose solutions from the creative world.
We will formulate an implementation plan within your company after requesting our company.
Analyze the current state of how your creative, including your company's designs, looks.

<Short-term type (completed in 3 months)>
In addition to the ultra-short-term type
Total of 2 detailed hearings
After the period ends, we will formulate a plan that can be continued within your company.
Competitive analysis from a creative perspective
Creation of materials related to other companies' designs and creatives and comparison with your company's designs

1st month: Analyzing the current situation and formulating an action plan
2nd month: Execute the plan → Check the defects and effects placed there, and improve the plan
3rd month: Execute again → Check for defects and effects.

<Long-term escort type>
Twice a month, detailed hearing, current situation analysis, goal setting, progress confirmation
Conduct internal surveys, customer surveys, etc., and confirm the elements of quantification.
Competitive analysis from a creative perspective
Creation of materials related to other companies' designs and creatives and comparison with your company's designs
Assistance in all aspects including new business, product development, and operational efficiency.
Develop a long-term plan and check whether you are working towards it from an objective perspective.

In addition to the above, when we provide our creatives.
SNS operation ¥300,000~ (monthly)
HP production ¥400,000~
EC site production ¥300,000
Video production ¥250,000~
Animation production ¥150,000~


Design & Art Direction

  • Logo design¥200,000~
  • Leaflet/flyer design¥80,000~
  • Brochure/company information design¥180,000 ~
  • Poster design¥120,000~
  • Cover design¥150,000~
  • Business card design¥30,000~
  • Shop card design¥50,000~
  • Illustration production¥100,000~
  • Character design¥150,000~
  • Video production¥400,000~
  • HP production¥800,000~
Business content
We undertake all types of designs, from logos to images, websites, and e-commerce sites.

Store & Space Design

  • Space design/store design/concept planning¥600,000~
  • Creative production associated with the above design (POP, menu design, etc.)¥50,000~
Business content
We provide total design from space design to concept planning, lighting position, and pop design.
What is included in the basic price
Basic space design, concept planning and realization, lighting layout plan, basic pop design plan
Advice on initial store layout and design, improvement proposals, spatial layout proposals, etc.


Food & Beverage Branding Package

  • Branding package for restaurants¥1,800,000~
Business content
Based on the restaurant's brand, philosophy, and purpose, in order to properly communicate these to customers, we will brand the entire set including logo, menu, store design, website, package design, product development, etc., and handle everything from production to production. Masu.
What is included in the basic price
Basic design proposal for logo, basic design and layout of menu, initial proposal for store design
Ideas and proposals for website design proposals, first drafts of package designs, and product development
Concept proposal based on brand philosophy and purpose

Product Development

  • concept design¥450,000〜
  • Prototype production¥1,000,000〜
  • Product launch strategy¥600,000〜
Business content
Developing unique and high quality products that cannot be provided by other companies
We design while considering sales strategies and sales channels.
What is included in the basic price
Product concept design, market analysis, and identification of target customers
Formulation of basic sales strategy plan, analysis and proposal of sales channels, basic design of prototypes
Proposals to enhance product quality and features