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Reverence and play for art & Music

A Feeling of awe and play to art
We have never been able to understand and control

To us, ART has been totally an object of worship.

A feeling of awe to ART is endless.

Surrendering to ART, we try to confront ART, day by day.

Every time we create a work, it is like an exercise, a question to ourselves.

“Is this work that we are making really meaningful to others, or to our society?”
This kind of skepticism torments us for many days.

On the other hand,
ART and MUSIC are, on and off, amusements and recreations to us.

While enjoying a work just like animals play around in the field,
We sometimes find ourselves creating wonderful works of the ART.

On such days, we may look as if we were just having fun.

We live our lives of ups and downs along with ART and MUSIC,
just like there are sunny days and also rainy days.

Although it is the awe or the play,
We are seriously engaged in our ART every day.

We sometimes ask ourselves fundamental questions.

“Are all these things, what we have learned, what we have gained and the way we have come really right?

When we are actually creating our works,
occasionally we put aside our knowledge and skills and do the work.

Then, we sometimes notice that we jump to the place that we never dreamed of.

That is why we often think about the things away from the “common sense” (what is called),
or take unique approaches in our creative activities.

At such times, we may look silly and goofy.

But we think that it is very important
for us to look silly and to be left out of “common sense”.

Because, being silly and goofy and being off
“common sense” is an evidence
that we are fundamentally flushing out our
knowledge and purpose
and rethinking things from the ground up.

The works we created in such life
will always be very important for us.

They all remain in our hearts and minds.

Each one of our works is the dearest as ever and forever, at least to us.

And that is what we are the most proud of.


Art is a window, a door and a mirror

  • 芸術は、窓。

    ART is a WINDOW

    Opening a window, you see a nostalgic world there.
    You recall the scenery which is not there by now, and your very special thing you forgot about.

  • 芸術は、とびら。

    ART is a DOOR

    Opening a door, there is a new world before you.
    Stepping forward, you see new cultures and new people that you have never encountered.
    Then you will feel happy and fulfilled.

  • 芸術は、鏡。

    ART is a MIRROR

    Without a mirror, we can't even see our own face.
    “What are you thinking now?”
    I ask myself in the mirror.