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Disney-produced, Hiroyuki Sanada Starred “SHOGUN” Soundtrack

2024.02.29 Last Updated:2024.03.14
TOPBLOGDisney-produced, Hiroyuki Sanada Starred “SHOGUN” Soundtrack

Disney-produced, Hiroyuki Sanada Starred "SHOGUN" Soundtrack

Disney's venture, "SHOGUN Shogun," starring and produced by Hiroyuki Sanada, features Taro Ishida as the chief music arranger.

Amidst a two-year production effort by a Hollywood composer team, Ishida contributed remotely from Japan.



Music Production Backstory



The SHOGUN soundtrack was crafted by Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross, and Nick Chuba, globally acclaimed musicians.

Notably, Atticus Ross has garnered several Academy Music Awards while performing with the band Nine Inch Nails, thus enjoying widespread acclaim.

Their dedication extended over two years to the production of the SHOGUN soundtrack.

This resulted in a soundtrack that not only boasts grandeur and power but also intricately layers various sounds and epochs, weaving complexity with finesse.




Ishida is among the rare composers in Japan known for composing Gagaku.

He has a background in creating music with Gagaku instruments for exhibitions at Tokyo University of the Arts and the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum.

This led to a recording offer from Nick via Instagram, involving him in this project.

Composers capable of composing Gagaku are scarce in Japan.

Moreover, Ishida specializes not just in Gagaku but also in music for films and spatial audio.

His dual expertise in Gagaku and cinematic music is likely what prompted the offer.


Arrangement Process



he project began with Gagaku recordings. While Nick's team was in Los Angeles, Ishida gathered traditional Japanese musicians in a Tokyo studio for remote recording sessions.

The scope broadened over time to include various instruments like the shamisen, shakuhachi, kokyū, and conch shells, and even unique recordings and arrangements,

such as shōmyō by Tendai sect monks in a temple in Kashiwa.

The experience was enriching, thanks to an unprecedented budget scale and innovative ideas not typically seen in Japanese soundtracks.

Generally, Atticus's team would send music sketches or more refined pieces for each scene. Discussions would often revolve around adapting certain sketches with traditional Japanese instruments or what additional instruments Ishida would recommend, leading to his arrangement suggestions and participation in recordings.

Their open-minded approach to traditional Japanese music facilitated the creation of novel soundscapes and musical atmospheres.




There was an instance when Atticus's team, working on music in Hollywood, emailed about the sound of the hichiriki, a Gagaku instrument.

The sound, intended for a solemn scene, inadvertently caused laughter among the staff, appearing comically out of place to them.

They inquired about Ishida's opinion.

At times, such inquiries were made to understand nuances specific to Japanese sensibility, which might be obscure to Americans.

In this case, Ishida saw no humorous element, and the hichiriki sound was retained.


Hitomi Nakamura, a participant in the recording, remarked that the hichiriki could indeed provoke laughter in children during concerts, highlighting its unique nature.


The depth of Gagaku instruments is profound...!


By the way, the hichiriki produces sounds like this.


Involvement with Japanese Traditional Music


We constantly contemplate how to effectively transmit the legacy of Japanese traditional music, including Gagaku, and traditional arts to future generations.

Being fully commissioned by Hollywood, the heart of global entertainment, to arrange and record Japanese traditional music was immensely gratifying.

We take great pleasure in witnessing the spread of Japanese culture to places unreachable by Gagaku or traditional music alone.


“SHOGUN Shogun” Recording Scenes

We were fortunate to have many outstanding musicians, monks, and engineers involved. Below are some photos from those sessions.

SHOGUNサウンドトラックレコーディング SHOGUNサウンドトラックレコーディング SHOGUNサウンドトラックレコーディング SHOGUNサウンドトラックレコーディング SHOGUNサウンドトラックレコーディング SHOGUNサウンドトラックレコーディング



SHOGUN Soundtrack Digital Distribution



Be sure to explore the "SHOGUN Shogun" soundtrack, available for listening on Spotify and Apple Music.


Apple Music



“SHOGUN” Soundtrack Credits


Composer -  Atticus Ross,Leopold Ross,Nick Chuba


Arranger+Artist Management -   Taro Ishida 


Hitomi Nakamura   -    Hichiriki

Motonori Miura    -   Hichiriki

Kahoru Nakamura  -    Gakubiwa

Yoshiyuki Izaki      -       Ryuteki

Reison Kuroda     -     Shakuhachi

Yumiko Tanaka     -      Shamisen+Voice

Daisuke Kiba      -      Kokyu

Daisuke Takaoka -      Blow Bass+Horagai

Fumiya Otonashi   -     Sho

Kozue Matsumoto -   Koto


Yasuno Miyauchi   -    Shomyo Coordinator+Conductor

Keicho Yamai      -  Shomyo

Koushi Yamaoka -   Shomyo

Shuken Sunaga   -   Shomyo

Ryoto Numajiri      -   Shomyo

Shojo Nakazawa -   Shomyo

Eishin Tsukikado -   Shomyo

Kensho Numajiri  - Shomyo

Chishu Ushiku   -   Shomyo

Kenkai Tobe     -  Shomyo


Kenji Hashimoto - Voice

Eiichi Tsujiiri - Voice

Shoji Toda   -  Voice

Hidetaka Nishida -  Voice

Hirashi  Someno   -  Voice


Masato Hara   -   Recording Engineer

Tomoyuki Shikama (EDo-mae Recordings) - Recording Engineer

Shintaro Kasahara  - Assistant Engineer

Chloe   -   Assistant Engineer

Yuuki Mashiko  -   Assistant Engineer

Miyuki Muroi - Assistant Engineer

Yo Ishida - Assistant Engineer


Recorded at Studio Mech , Studio TLive and EDo-mae Recordings