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The influence of nature in Nasu on music and the mind

TOPBLOGThe influence of nature in Nasu on music and the mind


Six years ago, we moved from the urban center of Bunkyo Ward in Tokyo to the forests of Nasu, completely changing our environment.

In this article, I will share the impact this move has had on my music and mental well-being.


Bipolar Disorder: Life in the City

When I lived in Tokyo, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and it was quite severe.

Later, it became clear that the noise of the city was one of the causes.

At the time, I didn't realize I was surrounded by mechanical and artificial sounds.

However, after moving to the forests of Nasu, my symptoms gradually improved, and I was almost completely cured within about three years.


Nature and Music in Nasu

It's not that I got better because the forests of Nasu are quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In fact, the forests of Nasu are not quiet at all. In the spring, birds sing loudly from morning, and in the summer, there is a chorus of frogs.

On stormy days, the sound of the wind is terrifying. However, these natural sounds were never unpleasant to me.


The Quality of Sound and Its Impact: Differences Between the City and the Forest


In the city, there are low-frequency construction noises that shake the ground, car noises, mechanical droning sounds, and electronically processed music blaring from speakers.

On the other hand, the natural sounds of Nasu include the rustling of leaves in the wind, the sound of thunder, and the mating calls of animals.

These sounds are mostly connected to life, nature, and the universe.

I believe the quality of these sounds is a significant factor in creating comfort or discomfort.


Changes in Hearing: Sensing the “Authenticity” of Sound


Since moving to Nasu, my sense of hearing has clearly changed.

More than just being able to detect changes in pitch and volume, I can now instantly determine whether a sound is authentic or artificial.

This heightened sensitivity has also had a significant impact on my music production.