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Petit Animation

Petit Animation

#Illustration #Movie
This is a work that expresses the image of various drink flavors through animation.
Dream Tree

Dream Tree

#Illustration #Movie
We made this animation by overlapping the image of people making things grow with the image of animals watering trees to make them grow.
Forest and Sea

Forest and Sea

#Illustration #Character Licenses
Animals that live in the forest.
Animals that live in the sea.
Toyohara Station

Toyohara Station

#Original Works #Produce / Music Director #Composition / Music Production #Illustration
Toyohara Station, the northernmost station in the Kanto region, was renovated in March 2019 to celebrate its 130th anniversary.
Taro Ishida composed the music for this station at the request of the Nasu Town Office.

Toyohara Station is an unmanned station with nothing nearby, but it is a very important means of transportation for local residents.

Especially for children, it is an indispensable station to go to school.

Yukiko Iso, a local dairy farmer, has been working for the children who use Toyohara Station for many years. She has been working as a traffic instructor for many years, both in hot and cold weather.

Mrs. Iso has written lyrics for the first time in her life.



#Original Works #Produce / Music Director #Composition / Music Production #Illustration #Original Works
In 2021, "The Drifters" was released.
This is the first time Taro Ishida sings a song.

It is a single disc, so there are only 3 songs in total.
I hope you will enjoy listening to it.

The jacket design and illustrations are also done by Yuuki Mashiko.


#Art Direction #Design
The loofah is grown in the wilderness of Nasu.

This lotion is grown in accordance with the rhythm of the waxing and waning of the moon, using an agricultural method that nurtures the earth itself.

We were in charge of the design of this "Tsukiko" multifunctional full moon gel and serum full moon mask.

“Takao wo Meguru” (Touring Takao) illustration

“Takao wo Meguru” (T...

Yuuki Mashiko was in charge of the illustration for the video by the filmmaker, Mr. Dahei Shibata.

Mr. Shibata created beautiful images from our illustrations.

TAKAO 599 MUSEUM is a natural history museum located at the foot of Mount Takao that combines three concepts: tourism, learning, and exchange.

The "Around Takao" video content is projected on the NatureWall, a wall inside the museum.

All of these paintings were hand-painted,and

Mr. Shibata has animated these drawings.