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AQUA TX Series

AQUA TX Series

#Composition / Music Production
We were fully responsible for the music for AQUA's newest refrigerator, the TX series commercial.
We were in charge of all aspects of the music, from composition to performance, with piano as the main instrument.

This commercial was aired on the web in a one-minute version and on TV in a 15-second version.

Even within that limited time, we tried to maximize the appeal of the TX series through the music.

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Deloitte Tohmatsu “Be Proud of Your Future. DTC Value 2030 Concept Movie

Deloitte Tohmatsu "B...

#Composition / Music Production
We depict the vision of Deloitte Tohmatsu in sound.

Deloitte Tohmatsu's "Proud to be part of the future. DTC Value 2030 concept movie.
In this project, the company's vision for the future is expressed through a piano solo. The music we created is integrated with the video, weaving together the tones of hope and expectation for the future.

Please take a look.
Japanese court music of “Gagaku” project DOMBURAKO 1st album “Kemono”

Japanese court music...

#Original Works #Gagaku & Japanese Music #Composition / Music Production #Art Direction #Sumie #Design #Product
Japanese court music of "Gagaku" project DOMBURAKO 1st album "Kemono"

DOMBURAKO by Taro Ishida and OORUTAICHI started in 2021

The first sound source was released as a special analog record edition.

Please take a look at our approach and thoughts on music production.

Japanese court music of "Gagaku" is a kind of traditional music and considered the oldest orchestra in the world.

Together with this "Gagaku", we "DOMBURAKO" have completed an album.
play – for Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum for the exhibition “Indigenous Brazilian Chairs: Wildlife and Imagination

play - for Tokyo Met...

#Gagaku & Japanese Music #For Space #Composition / Music Production
Taro Ishida composed the music for the exhibition "Indigenous Brazilian Chairs: Wildlife and Imagination" held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in the summer of 2018.
After several presentations to the core members of the project, including Toyojiro Hida, director of the Teien Art Museum, Toyo Ito, architect, and Shinichi Nakazawa, cultural anthropologist, I arrived at the conclusion that the music should be a solo piece on the Gakubiwa, an instrument used in gagaku, the ancient Japanese court music.
“The sun goes down” for Uniqlo Heattech Project

"The sun goes down" ...

#Composition / Music Production
Taro Ishida was in charge of music for a special website created for UNIQLO's 2012 project [New HEATTECH 100,000 Supporters Project].

The piano was used to express a cold sound, but also a warm feeling of support for those who work hard in the cold.

SQUARE ENIX Night Walk  “CRYSTAL STORY – Forgotten Forest and Goddess”


#For Space #Produce / Music Director #Composition / Music Production
In 2020, our company was in charge of music direction and composition for "CRYSTAL STORY - Forgotten Forest and Goddess", the first in the Night Walk series from SQUARE ENIX, known for Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

The location was Shinjuku Central Park.
The series combines the fantastic lights and sounds of a "night walk" with the experience of a story and the solving of a riddle, which is the key to the progress of the story.

Visitors depart for the forest at night with magic items in their hands, and experience a digital art space with illuminations, sounds, and images, a mysterious riddle-solving experience, and the world of a fantastical story.

“The Bone Song” and “Banshoga” for “The Wall Painting Exhibition in the Golden Hall of Horyuji Temple” at the Tokyo University of the Arts

"The Bone Song" and ...

#Original Works #Recording #Gagaku & Japanese Music #For Space #Composition / Music Production
Taro Ishida composed the music for the "Prayer of Besshin: The Horyuji Kondo Mural Exhibition" held at the Chinretsukan, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2014.

This was an interesting exhibit that included a reproduction and animation of the actual dimensions of the mural paintings in the Golden Hall of Horyuji Temple, which were destroyed by fire in 1949.

The museum offered me to compose two pieces of music. One was based on gagaku music, and the other was based on Syomyo.

Gagaku is basically an orchestra-like ensemble of a large group of musicians, but going back in time, it seems that there were also solo performances of Gaku-biwa.

I was fortunate enough to hear a performance by Nakamura Kahoru, a master Gaku-biwa player who performs solo in Japan today, and I thought I would like to use this as the basis for my composition.
NHK Educational TV Petit Petit Animation “Teach” Soundtrack

NHK Educational TV P...

#Soundtracks #Composition / Music Production
Our company is in charge of the music and sound effects for the petit-picture animation "Teach".

Teach, a cute monkey pirate, travels around the world in this series.

Director Mitsutaka Yokota's sense of humor is condensed in this wonderful animation.

Picture books are usually for children, but sometimes there are books that are highly artistic even when viewed by adults.

The petit-picture animation "Teach" is one such work.

Toyohara Station

Toyohara Station

#Original Works #Produce / Music Director #Composition / Music Production #Illustration
Toyohara Station, the northernmost station in the Kanto region, was renovated in March 2019 to celebrate its 130th anniversary.
Taro Ishida composed the music for this station at the request of the Nasu Town Office.

Toyohara Station is an unmanned station with nothing nearby, but it is a very important means of transportation for local residents.

Especially for children, it is an indispensable station to go to school.

Yukiko Iso, a local dairy farmer, has been working for the children who use Toyohara Station for many years. She has been working as a traffic instructor for many years, both in hot and cold weather.

Mrs. Iso has written lyrics for the first time in her life.



#Original Works #Produce / Music Director #Composition / Music Production #Illustration #Original Works
In 2021, "The Drifters" was released.
This is the first time Taro Ishida sings a song.

It is a single disc, so there are only 3 songs in total.
I hope you will enjoy listening to it.

The jacket design and illustrations are also done by Yuuki Mashiko.
Gagaku “Kyoto Sawano-ike, Kemono” Performance

Gagaku "Kyoto Sawano...

#Performances & Concerts #Gagaku & Japanese Music #Composition / Music Production
In November 2021, we performed at Sawano-ike in Kyoto with the group "Domburaco" with real Gagaku players.

Original soundtrack for the planetarium program “10,000 Light Years Binoculars”

Original soundtrack ...

#Soundtracks #Composition / Music Production
The manga "10,000 Light Years Binoculars," which is very popular on SNS, has become a planetarium program.

We are in charge of the soundtrack.

This time, we are in charge of not only the usual BGM, but also the opening theme song, insert song, and ending song.