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Introduction to Gagaku ( Japanese Imperial Court Music )

2022.12.13 Last Updated:2022.12.23
TOPBLOGIntroduction to Gagaku ( Japanese Imperial Court Music )

Introduction to Gagaku ( Japanese Imperial Court Music )

Bugaku Imperial Court Dance


History of Gagaku

With a history of over 1,200 years, Gagaku is the classical music not only of Japan but of the world.

Gagaku is a mixture of the ancient indigenous music of Japan and influences from the Korean peninsula and mainland China that flowed into Japan about 1,400 years ago, and matured into a form unique to Japan during the Heian period (794-1185).


Inheritance of Gagaku

Since ancient times, Gagaku has been passed down orally only in a limited number of families.
Although it has recently been performed by a variety of people, the form of the music, which has continued since the Heian period, has not changed.

We believe that we can learn a lot from Gagaku, which is an extremely valuable opportunity to listen to the music of those days in its original form.


Bugaku Imperial Court Dance


Philosophy of Gagaku

Gagaku is a wonderful music that has no comparison in the world,

combining ancient Japanese philosophy, astronomy, statistics, ecology, and religious thought.


Musical Instruments

A variety of distinctive instruments are used in Gagaku.

The main ones are as follows

Sho / Hichiriki / Ryuteki, Komabue, Kagurabue / Biwa /
So / Wagon / Kakko and san no tsuzumi / Taiko / Shoko

We will write more about each instrument in detail in the future!


Bugaku Imperial Court Dance


We want to play a role in connecting people around the world with traditional Japanese music.

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