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Moving from illustrator to the two worlds of art and AI

TOPBLOGMoving from illustrator to the two worlds of art and AI

Moving from illustrator to the two worlds of art and AI


Drifter Inc. is made up of two main pillars: music and art.

Within the art department we have an illustration section where we draw pictures and deliver them to our clients.

Actually, we are now thinking about getting rid of this illustration section - one of the most important sections.

But this does not mean that we will stop doing this work.


I think we need to change the name and the role and position it in a wider and more diverse area of 'art'.


In recent years there has been a glut of illustrators in the profession.

The market value of the profession has plummeted and low-paid work has become more prominent.

The balance between supply and demand has collapsed to the point where it seems that the mere mention of the job title 'illustrator' is enough to drive down pay. The level of remuneration is such that even mentioning the job title "illustrator" can lead to a drop in remuneration.


We are therefore considering two new career paths.


The first is to expand the field of artistic handwork and become more involved in the creation of works of art.

This may involve the pursuit of what computers cannot reproduce, randomness and uniqueness.

The second is to develop illustration work by incorporating more and more AI technology into the work of illustrators, and to move into higher-priced and more in-demand industries such as film production and animation. I am thinking of taking these two paths.


To stop being an illustrator and to pursue these two directions.

To redefine the value of our work, to increase our competitiveness in the market and to create an environment in which we can produce good work.