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Our Music | Drifter Inc. ( 70 Sound sources. )



We are a group of composers, led by Taro Ishida, who began his career as a composer while a student at Tokyo University of the Arts and has been involved in numerous projects for over 20 years.

In addition to composition, music production and sound effects, we are deeply involved in a wide range of sound and music-related projects,

including music direction and production for stage and projection mapping, sound design for digital content and devices, and sound design for interactive art.


Examples of past clients


Uniqlo / Meiji / Square-Enix / BMW / NIKE / WOW / Sanrio

JR / NHK / ZIMA / HONDA / Panasonic / Sanyo / Sunstar

cado / Japan Times / ITOCHU / 星野リゾート / siro inc.

Button Inc. / AQUA / P.I.C.S / コニカミノルタプラネタリウム などなど


Listen and download. (less than 70 songs)

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Music director

Music supervision in projection mapping, exhibitions and stage productions.



Hoshino Resort Aomoriya "Michinoku Matsuriya".

Music director for the spectacular stage production of Aomori's four Nebuta-themed festivals, held daily at the Hoshino Resort Aomoriya.




NHK Fukushima reconstruction project 'Haruka'

NHK's projection mapping event 'Haruka' to support the recovery from the major earthquake in Fukushima.Following Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yoshihide Otomo, I was the music director for three years.

fukushimaさくらプロジェクト はるか2018 ~戊辰の風 花の雲~ 会津若松篇 / 白河篇





Sound design and digital content


We also provide sound design and programming for content from companies such as Benesse, NAMCO, Panasonic and many others.

From minimalist projects such as smartphone apps to sound design and programming for large interactive artworks,

Whatever the project, please feel free to contact us!









Composition and music production

We produce a wide range of music, from simple piano pieces to string pieces, electronic music and animation songs,

using techniques developed over 20 years of composing at the Tokyo University of the Arts.


CADO 'brand movie'.


AGF 'Sen' CM




This piece was composed to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the establishment of Toyohara Station,
the northernmost unmanned station in the Kanto region.

Manami Kakudo"Our World"

This is the ending theme song for the planetarium programme NIGHT FLOWER.




Kashiwa Sato Exhibition, The National Art Center, Tokyo UNLIMITED SPACE

Music for an exhibition by Kashiwa Sato, opened in 2021.




Anime Song

From planetariums to children's programmes, we also sing animation songs.

Ending theme for planetarium programme '10,000 Light Years Binoculars'.





Traditional Japanese music

We often compose music that is different from other musicians.

We are the only ones who can use traditional Japanese music, such as gagaku, to compose music that is not difficult to understand and that can be enjoyed by the general public.


The Bone Song for the Horyuji Temple Exhibition, Tokyo University of the Arts.

Dedication performance by gagaku (ancient Japanese court music)





Please feel free to contact us for any information!