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#Composition / Music Production
Stylish corocoro(lint roller) from NITOMS

Yuuki Masuko of our company is in charge of the music for Corocoro 5656.

She also sang the song!
Nagoya Castle Night Party

Nagoya Castle Night ...

#For Space #Composition / Music Production
Taro Ishida directed, composed, and produced music for the "Honmaru Goten✕ Projection Mapping Nagoya Castle Night Party," a light and food event held at Nagoya Castle from December 14, 2019 to January 13, 2020.

We worked with LIL Co.

We composed not only the music for the large projection mapping on the Honmaru Goten, but also the music for the long and beautiful path from the entrance of Nagoya Castle to the Honmaru Goten!

Agency for Cultural Affairs Craft technique documentary2020『Yoshihito Yamashita』

Agency for Cultural ...

#Soundtracks #Composition / Music Production
The Agency for Cultural Affairs has been planning and producing documentary films on craft techniques designated as Important Intangible Cultural Properties since 1971.

Our company was in charge of the music for "The Work of Yoshihito Yamashita, Kon Shoyu" in 2020.

The film is produced by Nikkei Pictures and narrated by Kanji Ishimaru. Sound effects and MA were done by Masaru Kawamura of Studio ARM.
cado “for cado brand movie.”

cado "for cado brand...

#Composition / Music Production
Taro Ishida composed the music for the brand movie of Cado, known for its air purifiers with the world's No. 1 purification capacity.

I expressed two images in one song: one is a sophisticated urban design, the other is a deep breath of air in the great outdoors, which seems to be in conflict with each other.

Please have a look if you like.

Nogizaka46 Summer National Tour 2018 Opening Theme

Nogizaka46 Summer Na...

#Composition / Music Production
We produced the opening titles for Nogizaka46 Summer National Tour 2018.

Our company composed the music for approximately five minutes from the start of the concert until the members appeared on stage.

The moment the curtain opens, the music must enliven the concert.

However, the music should not be more exciting than the first song after the girls come out on stage.

It was quite a difficult job to control the mood of the music.
The Man from the 9 Dimensions OST

The Man from the 9 D...

#Soundtracks #Produce / Music Director
Taro Ishida is in charge of music for "The Man from the 9th Dimension," a work that is still being shown at the Dome Theater Gaia (planetarium) at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

This work has received many awards including the IPS Fulldome Festival's Best Educational Work Award.

Japanese Artist Management

Japanese Artist Mana...

#Artist Management
Japan is home to world-class traditional Japanese music, including gagaku, shakuhachi, shamisen, kokyu, and taiko.

They have a uniqueness that distinguishes them from music from any other part of the world, and the music spun out by first-rate performers is truly wonderful.

The music produced by first-rate performers is truly wonderful.