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New Gagaku + Classical Gagaku | Composition & Recordings

2023.01.14 Last Updated:2023.01.17
TOPBLOGNew Gagaku + Classical Gagaku | Composition & Recordings

New Gagaku + Classical Gagaku | Composition & Recordings



New Gagaku | Composition & Recordings | 4Songs


New Gagaku + Classical Gagaku | Composition & Recordings

Gagaku is a classical music with a history of over 1200 years, not only in Japan but throughout the world.

Although Gagaku is generally performed only as classical Gagaku, I (We)  create new works of Gagaku on a daily basis, not only for concert productions, but also for museums and video productions on an ongoing basis.

I am one of the few musicians in the world who can compose Gagaku music that is not as esoteric as contemporary music and can be heard by the general public.


I have uploaded samples of some of our new gagaku + classical gagaku pieces and videos.

If any of them strike a chord with you, please contact me!

I am available for anything from a simple consultation to a composition request.




Sound & Movie Samples


_Shun-noden no Yusei/ Hichiriki+Taiko+Sho+Ryuteki <Classical Gagaku >

_Etenraku/ Sho Solo<Classical Gagaku >


_Kotsuka ( Bone Song ) / Gakubiwa + Sho + Drums <New Gagaku>
This song was written for the "Horyuji temple exhibition" at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Here is Details.


_Dedication performance in Shodoshima / Hichiriki+Gakubiwa+Sho+Ryuteki+Taiko+Voice

Movie of a dedication performance of gagaku music on Shodoshima Island


_Domburako “The Beast Comes Around” / Gongs, Ancient Koto and Ryuteki

video of a dedication performance at Kinomata Valley, Tochigi Prefecture.

Here is Details.



_Play / Gakubiwa Solo<New Gagaku>
This piece was written for the exhibition "Brazilian Indigenous Chairs" at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum.

Here is Details.






Gagaku is one of the oldest pieces of music in the world, and its sound resonates freshly in our hearts forever.

Although this music is unique to Japan, it has a wonderful quality that can be transmitted to people all over the world.

We hope you will make use of this music in your own works.


Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or anything else you may have!






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